With globalization and digitization your communication becomes more and more important: companies, institutions, organizations and individuals through the internet become “media&”. This changes the way in communicating with the environment, creating a new expression with an emphasis on interactivity and multimedia. Panda communications help you customize messages to users’ needs and upgrade your business. We have a broad network of collaborative companies and individuals to offer customers a full spectrum of communication services.

We believe in the importance of the business sector’s contribution to building a better world: we want to be the driving force for positive change and to create a more responsible and inclusive society with other stakeholders. Since April 2018 we are members of the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development.

What we do

Education and Training – we offer education and training services in the fields of communication, visibility, media and public appearance, social media, digital content, web management, written communication, media literacy and the like.

Digital Communication – we create websites in WordPress and Wix, we offer digital marketing services, create and maintain social network profiles.

Policy Communication – We offer services for writing and editing policy analysis, creating policy documents and briefs to help clients influence policy formatting and implementation.

Public Relations – We help organizations and companies to improve overall communication with stakeholders, especially towards the general public and the media.

Campaigns and Events – We run campaigns for clients, offer visibility services to the EU and other projects; we organize, moderate and manage communication for conferences and other events.